Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications developer focuses on the aim to provide business information to needy clients. The hard-core of mobile app is to make its availability simplified which means not carrying bulky laptops and internet data cards or modems everywhere.

Mobile apps play a critical role in the improvement of employee productivity, sales-timing, data collection, data validation and sales personnel. Enterprise Mobility Solutions gets you connected with the business office system without being physically present in office. Enterprises are now in motion from mobilizing the functionality on a need basis to strategically assessing the need to mobilize enterprise applications. We offer solutions for J2ME, Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone based platforms at cost-effective packs that guarantee you to stay in touch of your business transactions while on the go and away from office. Mobile Apps Developers at Silver Touch work as a team to achieve the ultimate goal of developing a successful venture no matter whatever shortcomings come their way. Silver Touch Mobility Solutions platform provides ingenuous benefits by connecting to network system.

Our Mobile apps developer provides the following advancements::

  • Augmented Reality Browser
  • E-book Reader
  • Audio Streaming / Video Streaming from Live Url
  • Barcode Scanning
  • RSS Reader & News API Integration
  • Google API Integration
  • Live Photo Capturing and Upload to Server
  • Email Application Integration /Email Sync
  • Data Sync / Backup & Restore